Our Breeding Herd

Meet The Boars

Skully, our Tuahuru boar, another  Green Acres bred boar.  Super sweet proven boar.  nice topline, thick boar and great head.  We have retained a cream son of Skullys for our future herd sire

Our beautiful Mahia Love boar, Tonka. Champion in each generation of pedigree.   I love a longer bodied pig.  Personal taste. 

Our Sows

My TaruTaru sow.  She is a tri-color. She has 4 white legs and is just a beautiful pig.  We named her Pippi due to her longstockings.  :)    She is an awesome mom and farrows easy.  She is NOT for sale.   Her piglets are in high demand for the size.  

Petunia, a  large Jenny gal but she prefers curvy.  She is he cornerstone for our pork production program.  She weighs in at 350.  just a beautiful sow and excellent mom

Trish Sow, Sybil.   First litter was such Amazing lil chunks.  Sybil is a great mom. We bred her back since we love her babies for our pork producing!

Our Kereopa Sow.  Great piglet maker!  September litter coming from Tonka!  OMG! 

Our new Tapeka gilt.  Not breeding until April 2021.  She is quite a large gal and will fit so well into our pork producing family 

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