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I really need to get my others pigs pics posted.  I am so bad about not carrying a camera/phone with me into the pasture.   I promise do it!

Our Boars

Watson,  our Boris boar.  I love the Boris line.  This pig has the best personality of all my pigs.  Great easy breeder.  He will be retiring soon so we have to retain a boar to replace him next litter.  He also has that great length of body with that gorgeous head! 


This is Mack.  Big Mack.  Another Green Acres Bred Boris boar.  We love this guy and have bred him to Lola for the Labor Day litter.  Cant wait to see this breeding.  

Our Ladies

Sumi, our Tapeka sow.  Her litters are always amazing.   She has that great length of body that you know we love here.  Great mom and easy keeper and farrowing.  What more could you ask for.  Plus that gorgeous head which she passes on to her offspring.  Next heat we plan on breeding her to Watson for a fall litter to pair with Lolas piglets for pairs.  Double Boris genes, since both boars are Boris lines but not close in relation.  


Meet Lola, she is a Trish sow that we sold in 2017 and now she is back on the farm.  I love her and so glad she is back on our farm.  Her length is one of the things that I love about her.  She is bred for a Labor Day litter.  We will bred her a couple more times then retire her on our farm.  If a longer sow is what you are looking for that carries ease of farrowing with it get on the list for Lola gilts.  

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