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Our Boars

My young Whakanui boar Bugsy.   I can pair him with Apple our Jenny gilt for a nice pair.  Yell for pricing.  Or I can make you a deal on adding a Trish gilt below, Blessie for a trio.  All different lines.  Also adding in a cream barrow for some pork in a few months.  

Watson,  our Boris boar.  I love the Boris line.  


Our BH Tutaki boar, Agent Orange, we call him Orangey Bob, is a total beast!  He will be three in Now 2023 and will add some size to your herd.  Sweet boy.  

Our Ladies

Sumi, our Tapeka sow.  Her litters are always amazing.   


Apple is our Jenny gilt.  She is a doll.   She has been exposed to Bugsy for a month.    AKKPS Registered


Marley is our TaruTaru gilt.  Anxious to see what she does here. 

Blessie, a Trish daughter of Lola and Orangey Bob. For Sale in a package deal.  See above.  Also have a cream barrow to throw on for some pork as soon as he grows a bit more.  

Meet Lola, she is a Trish sow that we sold in 2017 and now she is back on the farm.  I love her and she is bred to Orangey Bob for our first 2023 litter.  We feel so blessed to have her back. 

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