Our boar, Percy.  This boar is not a squatty pig and very well built with correct feet and such a nice head.   We have sold Percy but left him on here since he is the sire of our current piglets.  


This is our new Boris boar, Watson.  We love his build here.  Low and thick with the best personality of all my pigs.  I honestly have not been around a sweeter boar.  Cannot wait for his first litter.  Put him with three sows.  Fingers crossed!


Sumi, our Tapeka sow  She is quite a large gal and will fit so well into our pork producing family   I need a new pic of her.  Her litter is just amazing and we are very glad we retained her in our July 2021 reduction sale  We are hoping she is bred to Watson. 

This is our Jenny sow Pippi. She makes some gorgeous nice sized piglets.  We have sold this sow and reduced our work load a bit.  I left her on here since she is the mother of my current piglets.

This is Lore, a Rona sow.  We have her with Watson and she has farrowed a beautiful litter by him in the past.  Large and in charge is this lady.  


Meet Gigi.  She is a Rona sow and hoping she is bred to a Boris boar we sold.  In the meantime she is in with Watson.