Our Breeding Herd

Meet The Boars


Our beautiful Mahia Love boar, Tonka. Champion in each generation of pedigree.   I love a longer bodied pig.  Personal taste. 


This is our Boris boar.  We are really excited to add him to our program.   First litter to hit the ground soon. 


3rd generation Tuahuru boarling maturing nice

Our Sows

My new Momona gilt.   Plum Pie.  We are waiting on her first litter anyday now.  Bred to Tonka or Tator.  DNA to verify but we will be able to tell with one look.  

Petunia, a  large Jenny gal but she prefers curvy.  She is he cornerstone for our pork production program.  She weighs in at 350.  just a beautiful sow with excellent mothering skills


Our Kereopa Sow.  Bertha Great piglet maker!  January litter coming sired by Tonka!  OMG! 

Our new Tapeka gilt, Sumi  She is quite a large gal and will fit so well into our pork producing family 

BH Rebecca Gina gilt, Iris ready to breed at the end of this year for spring 2022


Greta, a Trish gilt for spring 2022 litter

Aria Giana Sow, Blanche.  \Great looking head and nice size litters


    We will be adding new breeding stock to the farm soon,    

                                with photos posted here