Our Boars

My young Whakanui boar Bugsy!  We are excited to see how he matures here.  We reduced a herd down to a handful of pigs going into winter.  We still have some breeding stock if interested. 

I only kept his boar and a young son of his.  I love the Boris line.  

Our Ladies

Sumi, our Tapeka sow.  Her litters are always amazing and we are very glad we retained her in our July 2021 reduction sale .   Her litter with Watson is ready to go.  We have a couple gilts left.  We are retaining the boar for later.  


Adele is our Wilsons Gina sow.  I have not had this line on my farm since 2016 so looking forward to working with it again.   She has been exposed to our Andrew boar, Lou that we sold and to Watson, our Boris.  


Apple is our 2nd Jenny gilt.  She is a doll


Marley is our TaruTaru gilt.  Anxious to see what she does here.