Green Acres acquired the farm name from the old theme song of the show with the same name.  While we were still in the city Dottie would sing this song after work while on the way to the farm on the weekends when we were working on the old 1930s farm house before we moved out here permanently.  It just stuck and has been a perfect name for our farm.  The house was a lot like the one from the show in the beginning too.  LOL 

We have been breeding livestock since '95 and have a ton of experience but learn something else almost daily.  Dottie grew up on a farm so she has been around stock for most of her life, learning from her grandfather.

Dottie is a mentor to several breeders in their start up homestead and breeding programs.  She loves mentoring and is on the phone texting or talking at all hours.  She has also served on the Board of Directors with the American Kunekune Pig Society. She worked with Michael Willis to bring his autographed book, "Some of my Best Friends are Animals" to US breeders.  Also worked with Mr Willis and exported his latest book, Rescue to the US. Great read!  Highly recommend!

The Dallas Zoo owns a pair of Green Acres bred Kunekunes as part of their permanent mammal collection.

Our farm was featured in the 'Out Here' magazine put out by Tractor Supply Company for the fall 2016 edition.   Tractor Supply is a one stop shopping point for all new piggy parents.  They have all you will need from feed to bedding and all the in between stuff.

Green Acres has completed two certified programs with Sow Bridge. These are distance education programs through the University of Iowa.  It is designed to improve the understanding and techniques involved in the daily care of a breeding herd.       

Green Acres received a call from Nickelodeon for a pig to be in one of their shows.  Dude Perfect.  They heard we had cool pigs which is what they replied when I asked how they found us.  :)

This is Captain!  He is our altered therapy pig and loves visiting the veterans at our local VA Hospital.  We have also been invited to our State Hospital.  He is so happy to please and learns so quickly. .Captain knows how to sit, spin, give kisses, shake hooves, weave in and out of my legs as I walk,  he will also fall over dead when I say bang as if shooting him.  He know all these by hand signals too with no words.  Training is soooo fun. 

Please read all the reviews on our FaceBook Farm page from past customers.  I think they speak volumes!

We are members of the National Society Descendants of the American Farmers.  Please check them out.     It is a great way to honor your farming ancestor and all the monies go to scholarships for Ag students.  Win-Win

When you see either logo know you are getting a quality piglet from a dedicated breeder who strives for the very best.  I mean this with all my heart!  I stand behind any pig that leaves my farm.  The bell on MY logo represents quality and longevity.  That bell was my great grandmothers and you will see it at my farm as a reminder to all what we stand for.

Breeders in Good Standing! 

Our farm is part of the Kunekune Preservation

Project, focusing on fast growth rates with nice size for production

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