Trish  Boris Litter born 11/13  We have one Trish gilt available.  600.00.  AKPR registered.  Ready now!  Gorgeous, correct fat piglet.  Contact for pics.  These are nice for pork producers. SOLD!

Kereopa litter born 11/25.  Ready to go 1/25 This was one of the Simple Truth Herd sows.  Beautiful litter.   Three gilts available.  Unregistered and sold for growouts   250.00.  two on right are sold.   ALL SOLD!

New Litter born 12/11.  JennyxBoris   This litter is maturing so nice.  Boars and gilts breeding quality 600.  Contact for pics, large for pork production.  All sold from this litter.  

registered piglets available  contact me now!

Next litter due Feb 26 from Pippi, our ginger sow and blk and wht Tuahuru boar.  Piglets will be large for pork production . We have a waiting list for this litter

We also have a Momona, Sally, Kereopa and Trish sow bred for April litters.    Great for pork producing on your own homestead.  We can hook you up with some great processors. 

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