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Welcome to our little piece of Texas heaven!  We are breeders of AKKPS registered kunekune pigs. Breeding to preserve these pigs while concentrating on pork production, and adhering to breed standards.  You can follow our farm on Facebook at Green Acres kunekune pigs.     

Did you know that pork is not meant to be the other white meat; heritage pork is actually the other red meat?   In talking to a wise man, he told me pigs need to have a purpose if they are going to be preserved.  That purpose is food.  It took me a while to understand this.  Our pork feeds our family and you can feed yours too.  It is the best feeling in the world to be able to produce your own food.  

Kunekunes are a docile, gentle breed, with minimal to no rooting, so very easy on the land.  They are a grass grazing pig; growing into the most delicious tasty pork.   They are the perfect size pig for the homesteaders growing their own food.  They are also perfect for the 'nose to tail' chefs that love the ease of a smaller pig to butcher with the most amazing pork you will ever eat due to the slow growing nature of these pigs.  The pork is not meant to be rushed and this is why it is so special.  These pigs are still pretty rare in the pork world,  which makes their pork that much rarer.  There are still so many that have never heard of them.  That makes educating the public first and foremost with us.

Dottie and Tim Durrett

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