​                          WELCOME to GREEN ACRES

We are breeders of registered kunekune pigs.  Breeding for preservation while concentrating on size and adhering to breed standards.  We have several litters per year.  These are our pets first and then our breeders.  You can follow our farm on Facebook at Green Acres kunekune pigs.   www.facebook.com/greenacreskunekunepigs  You are also welcome to read our farm reviews there.  Our goal this year is focused on pork.  These pigs make great outside pets but they have a bigger purpose for us as food.  In talking to a wise man, he told me they have to have a purpose if they are going to be preserved.  That purpose is food.  It took me a while to understand this.  


Kunekunes are docile, gentle breed, with minimal rooting to no rooting.  They are a grass grazing pig.  So it is perfect for the homesteaders with young kids that will be learning farm chores.  You have to be around these sweet natured pigs to understand what I am telling you.  I have never seen a more milder, gentler, easy to work with pig than these with so many different uses from pet to therapy to homesteading to pork.  Most awesome pig ever!  We have one that we use as a therapy pig visiting  our local VA hospital.  He has learned 10 different tricks. 



Dottie and Tim Durrett

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